Considerations in spray dry drug development for inhalation delivery: An albuterol case study

August 18, 2015

An inhalation formulation case study utilizing spray dry (SD) dispersion technology was just published in the August issue of Inhalation Magazine.  Considerations in spray dry drug development for inhalation delivery – an albuterol case study , authored by Jeff Breit, Michael Burke, Devon DuBose and David Vodak, overviews our approach for optimized inhaled drug development using SD technology, and reiterates our key value proposition in drug design – our understanding of SD fundamentals across a range of APIs and accrued through years of experience and scientific investigation.  The case study utilized our DPI capsule technology as well as Xcelodose equipment for micro-dosing, both products being cited in the article, and representative of our integrated offering for pulmonary formulation development.

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