Dextran-Based Amorphous Dispersions as a Platform Technology in Preclinical Screening for Inhaled Dry Powders

April 27, 2011 - 8:00am

Presented by David T. Vodak, Ph.D., Vice President of Chemistry and Dan E. Dobry, Vice President of Engineering.


 In early preclinical evaluation, the supply and availability of an appropriate form of the active pharmaceutical ingredient often limits the options for delivery and proof-of-concept in preclinical models. Amorphous dispersion technology is ideal for early screening work because of its applicability to compounds with a broad range of properties, suitability for small‑scale use, and amenability to particle engineering using the spray-drying process. 


This webinar discussed using amorphous dispersions as a platform technology to rapidly formulate compounds as respirable dry powders for preclinical evaluation.  Dextran 10 was discussed as an exemplary dispersion excipient with optimal physical properties, including a high glass-transition temperature even at elevated relative humidities. The spray-drying process was discussed, including the use of custom equipment designed to improve collection efficiency and yield across a wide range of scales (from 100 mg to 1 kg). Several case studies were presented, including in vitro and in vivo data, demonstrating that amorphous dispersions represent a broadly applicable, efficient approach to generate aerosol dry powders.