Using Amorphous Spray-Dried Dispersions to Develop Oral Solid Dosage Forms

September 19, 2012 - 8:00am

Presented by Randy Wald, Ph.D. and Chris Craig.


Current estimates are that more than 30% of orally delivered new medicines need solubilization technology to achieve efficacy.  Selecting the appropriate technology can result in non-crystalline, physically stable intermediates that will then be incorporated into immediate-release or modified‑release dosage forms.  This webinar discussed  key spray-dried dispersion (SDD) aspects that enhance and sustain in vivo drug solubility, and how these attributes are preserved during downstream solid dosage form formulation and process development.   Discussions included bulk-sparing tablet formulation and process development for pre­clinical studies, process development and scale-up strategies for clinical trial material manufacturing, and incorporation of SDD formulations into select modified-release dosage forms.  Case studies were presented.