Green Drug Delivery Formulations

June 1, 2012


McCray, S.B., and D.K. Lyon, "Green Drug Delivery Formulations,” Chapter 23 in Green Techniques for Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, W. Zhang and B.W. Cue Jr. (ed.). John Wiley & Sons, New York, New York (2012).


As pharmaceutical companies seek to incorporate green chemistry practices, demand is high for new approaches to reduce the amount of waste per product unit. Reducing this so-called E-factor is an industrywide goal, particularly because the industry’s waste-production ratio has been historically high. As a result, pharmaceutical companies seek improved processes – applicable from early development through the manufactureof commercial products – that minimize or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.

This chapter highlights the development of a new drug-delivery platform technology that offers significant  opportunities for waste reduction, as well as expansion of therapeutic opportunities. The technology platform, which is based on spray-dried dispersions (SDDs), has been developed by Bend Research Inc. in response to the need for new delivery approaches for drugs with low aqueous solubility.


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