Fundamentals of Dielectric Spectroscopy

February 12, 2013 - 6:00am

This presentation will focus on the fundamental biophysics of dielectric spectroscopy, describing how dielectric spectroscopy enables observation of cellular information not available through other technologies. This webinar will discuss:

  • obtaining accurate viable cell-density measurements using frequency scanning with capacitance probes;
  • measuring cell health using frequency-scanning data;
  • using dielectric spectroscopy to elucidate the kinetics of defined biological processes (e.g., apoptosis);
  • using data-handling and analysis techniques for coupling frequency-scanning data with other cell-culture data; and
  • applying dielectric spectroscopy to process control, cell-line selection, media development, and selection of process conditions.

Presented by Lisa Graham, Ph.D. and Brandon Downey

Biotherapeutics / Bioprocessing