A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Optimization and Definition of Bioreactor Operations

April 16, 2014 - 8:00am


Antibody optimization has gone beyond achieving elevated protein titers and now focuses on understanding biologic and process variables that define protein quality. The integration of a holistic approach to biotherapeutic manufacturing incorporates a number of applied disciplines such as biology, engineering, process control, signal processing, and modeling in order to reduce the “black box” model of cell based protein production to an operational design space. 

Bend Research is focusing on the development of an emerging process-development methodology that is based on applying novel and existing cell state monitoring technologies to existing bioreactor processes, coupled with applied mathematics, data-integration techniques and an understanding of biologic processes. This methodology offers an improved way to tune and manage cell and protein production processes through real time data integration technologies in order to optimize bioreactor processes.

The overarching goal of this work is to increase or maintain product quality across manufacturing sites and scales as well as to decrease overall variability and stream-line advanced R&D, pilot and commercial process definition. The application of our proposed methodology extends throughout the biopharmaceutical industry as well as industrial protein manufacturing and can be applied to both mammalian as well as microbial expression platforms. Ultimately, scientists interested in the reduction and application of big data to enhance control processes for bioreactors would likely benefit from this technology.

Speakers: Jeff Breit, Ph.D., Director and Brandon DowneyTechnical Group Leader

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Biotherapeutics / Bioprocessing