Using Engineered Particles in Capsules for Rapid-to-Clinic Dry Powder Inhalation Applications

June 25, 2014 - 9:00am


Particle engineering via spray drying, combined with a formulation and process platform, allows for a bulk drug sparing approach to formulation and process development for drug delivery to the lung versus traditional crystalline lactose based delivery systems. Additionally different deposition targets – for example, the upper respiratory tract versus deep lung - can easily be achieved through particle engineering. In this webinar, experts describe a pulmonary platform technology for the rapid development of inhaled formulations for early clinical trials.

Spray-dried particle formulation development, spray dry process development, and encapsulation for early clinical studies is explained. In addition, important aspects of the capsule interaction with the spray-dried powder are presented. A case study using a model compound is discussed to demonstrate this platform approach. 

Presenters: Devon DuBose and Dominique Cadé

View the presentation by clicking the play button in the video below.