The Integration of Bend Research With Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions (DFS)

June 4, 2014


Bend Research contributed to an executive interview in June's Drug Development & Delivery titled, “The Integration of Bend Research With Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions (DFS)".



Small molecules have properties that pose increasing challenges for drug formulators. These include physical properties that lead to low bioavailability, high-potency/low-dosing requirements, and the need for modifying dissolution profiles. Market drivers, such as pediatric dosing and FDA 505(b)2 filings, also require innovative solutions. These dynamics are combined with an ongoing emphasis on speed to market, minimized development costs and risk, and enhanced patent protection. Bend Research, now integrated with Capsugel’s Dosage Form Solutions (DFS) business unit, has a broad spectrum of technologies for bioavailability enhancement and other key formulation challenges facing its clients, and provides integrated design, formulation, and commercial manufacture of products. Rod Ray, former Bend Research CEO and now a member of Capsugel’s Scientific and Business Advisory Board, speaks to Drug Development & Delivery about the enhanced capabilities of Capsugel DFS and the advantages offered to companies developing new and/or enhanced medicines.



Bioavailability Enhancement