NMR, Gravimetric Sorption and CCIGC Analysis of Solvent-HPMCAS Mass Transfer and Associated Concentration Dependence to Inform Droplet Drying Models for Spray-Dried Dispersions

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS)-based spray-dried dispersions (SDDs) have been shown to offer significant bioavailability enhancement for drugs with low aqueous solubility. However, the impact of macro-scale process conditions on micro-scale droplet drying and the impact of droplet drying history on SDD chemical and physical stability, dissolution performance and particle and bulk powder properties are not well understood. A significant fraction of solvent drying occurs under internal, diffusion-limited mass transfer. Quantifying the dynamics of the diffusion-dominated mass transport regime is critical to modeling droplet drying.

This poster was presented at the 2014 AAPS Annual Conference. 

Bioavailability Enhancement