Enabling Taste Masking with Lipid Multiparticulate and Osmotic Bursting Technology

January 29, 2015 - 11:00am

Taste is one of the most important parameters governing patient compliance with oral solid dosage forms, especially for specialized populations, such as pediatrics. Many active ingredients in today’s development pipelines have bitter taste, coupled with other formulation needs such as modifying release rates and/or improving solubility. Effective taste masking can translate into better compliance and contribute to the overall therapeutic value for patients. Current taste masking approaches, with emphasis on two growing technology options – lipid multiparticulate (LMP) technology and osmotic bursting technology—are reviewed. Representative case studies are also presented.


  • Brett Caldwell, PhD – Director at Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions
  • Hywel Williams, PhD - Senior Scientist at Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions

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