Accelerating Lipid-Based Drug Formulation Through Application of an Expert System


Author: Eduardo Jule, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Formulation and Pharmaceutical Development


Formulation scientists are increasingly pivotal to pharmaceutical product development. They are often faced with the daunting challenge of identifying the most suitable drug delievery platform among myraid of options and developing and validating robust systems that address the challenges posed by increasingly complex drug candidates. Further, these challenges must be overcome in ever-shortening time frames. Among platforms, lipid-based formulations, in either soft geletim or liquid hard shell capsule formats, have become a well-established approach that has been shown to improve the bioavailability and reduce the food effects and uptake variablility of poorly soluble compounds. Capsugel has developed an enhanced lipid-based formulation approach that moves beyond predictive modeling and excipient high-throughput screening. This system utilizes a database of experimentally generated phase diagrams, providing unique formulation development support and resulting in increased speed to market



Bioavailability Enhancement